Scent Profile: Neroli - Orange Blossom

Typically, neroli is used for the top and middle notes but has a beautiful base note. For a perfect floral-themed perfume, you may want to pair neroli with other base notes to enhance its uniqueness.

• Nerolis are perfumes that express noble qualities. If you want to give the impression of elegance, neroli is a perfect choice.
• Neroli is suitable for autumn and winter-themed perfume formulations.
The scent of Neroli can make you appear sexy and charming but also have a sense of intimacy. It is ideal for a first date or blind date.

Neroli has long been associated with distinguished character since ancient times. Anne Marie Orsini, duchess of Bracciano, is believed to have given the neroli its popularity. As the princess of Nerola, Italy, she was an influential fashion icon who wears the bitter orange scent of neroli in her bath and gloves. Since then, the perfume has been referred to as "neroli" by nobles, making it a beloved fragrance.

Neroli's aroma is sweet and floral with a spicy undertone and a refreshing scent. Any perfumer who has smelled its scent can recognize its unique scent. This fragrance blends the sweetness of oranges with the beautiful aroma of flowers. Comparing to sweet oranges, it is not as simple and naive but possesses a more vibrant, flattering tone. If you smell neroli, it is as if you've been taken on a journey. People often describe its scent as the taste of love, a charming yet sour scent. However, some would describe its scent as a mixture of maturity, elegance, or union.

In addition to being one of the earliest ingredients in perfume formulas, neroli is also a common ingredient for big brands. In both men's and women's perfumes, neroli is arguably the most common and most popular fragrance. Hence, when you smell the scent of neroli, you should be able to recognize it with an immediate understanding of why you loved some perfume so much.