Scent profile: Frankincense

  • Until you have mastered the complex aromas of fragrances, you can choose frankincense as the base note because it is a clean, simple, and stable woody scent with a sweet note.
  • You can also combine frankincense with some wood-based scents for a woody fragrance great for men or use fruit and grass essential oils to make a neutral or feminine fragrance.
  • In terms of base notes, frankincense may be blended with other base notes for stability. Since frankincense is a soothing scent, it is also great at calming highly energetic scents.

You can best understand the smell of frankincense by applying your imagination. Picture yourself in a bedroom with a frankincense candle. The scent lingers in the air for minutes, but you can't smell anything at all. Even so, when you step back into the room after you left, you can smell a great fragrance the moment you open the door. It is a long-lasting aroma with a hint of sweetness. 

This is a classic example of frankincense's characteristic. Frankincense has almost no front notes and evaporates slowly, so there is really nothing to smell at the beginning. After a while, though, its fragrance will continue to emerge and indulge you with its excellent aroma. Its fragrances are smooth, moisturizing, soft, and subtle.

Many aromatherapy practitioners enjoy the benefits of frankincense. They believe it can improve and promote many health benefits and reduce stress. Frankincense, a specialty in the Middle East, has been a valuable spice for thousands of years. Today, frankincense resin could be found everywhere in Arab spice markets.

Frankincense can be included in a fragrance formula for its beneficial scent. Due to its soft front note, it doesn't interfere with other fragrances. Therefore, it can theoretically pair with any fragrance scents. Furthermore, its delicate woody aroma and the sweet note of this scent can extend the fragrance formula's base note. So whether it is a lively high-profile fragrance or a low-key smooth fragrance, frankincense is very suitable.





Photo by Tamil Shutter Dreams