Scent Profile: Fir

The fragrance of fir essential oil contains a soothing, calm, and sweet woody scent, which can help calm the mood, calm down nervousness and anxiety, and help create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Consequently, it can help in meditation or conception.

Fir has been considered to be the most enticing wood fragrance. Take a deep breath of fir, as if you are in a snow-covered forest, and you will be able to feel the characteristics of this scent. It is crisp and clean, with a slightly sweet undertone. Fir is neutral and sexy, refreshing and intriguing. This is the perfect fragrance for a male perfume as the main fragrance. Using fir is the best way to give people a stable, fresh, and clean atmosphere.

  • This is one of the undefeated factors in male perfume formulas. It is a perfect fragrance element. 
  • Fir can convey a sense of cleanliness, order, and a feeling of a new environment.
  • It is a fragrance to express confidence and self-confidence.
  • Fir can be a good workplace fragrance to ease tension and calm uneasiness.
  • It is a great scent to be combined with floral fragrances. It provides the perfume with a lasting bottom note that gives more connotation and depth to the scent profile.
  • Fir fragrances can be an invigorating fragrance formula that can provide a refreshing atmosphere during the summer.
  • This is a neutral perfume and a polite perfume; that is, you want a fragranced decoration, but you do not want to be too high profile and overpowering.





Photo by Tim Hart